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Philosophical Orientations

The staff of Paradigm affirm and promote the following

View of Man: Our Philosophical Orientation


     We believe in the necessity of inward transformation by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Primi Ordinis of behavior/life change is inward heart conversion, which exchanges our disposition from abhorring the things of God to loving the things of God.


     Heart transformation indeed occurs when the whole of man and woman acknowledges and appreciates that true life is found in Jesus Christ. True life is offered through the life, death, and resurrection of God’s Son.

     The Holy Spirit makes such truths comprehendible and causes said transformation to be effectual in the whole person. The result of which reorders behaviors toward the truth: “Love God and Love Neighbor”.

     Through this redemptive work in the life of a person by the work of God, outward change and perception of external circumstances are shifted and pointed beyond one’s self, thereby gradually releasing internal confusion, chaos, and rebellion.

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