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Encouraging a pattern of life modeled by Jesus Christ.


     Paradigm originates from the Greek παράδειγμα, typically defined as a pattern, example, or model.  The collision of παρά meaning “beside or beyond” with δείκνυμι "to show, to point out" results in a powerful idea that at its heart points a person beyond their individual circumstance and toward God’s redemptive story at work within them.


      At Paradigm, our mission is to showcase Jesus as Hope through encouragement and promotion of the work of the Spirit in their lives.  This is accomplished by our commitment to the counselor’s unconditional positive regard, a listening and understanding posture, patience in the therapeutic process, and a desire for one’s sanctification and greater conforming to the image of the Son.


     Paradigm’s mission is motivated by the power of the Gospel and God’s love and desire to redeem the broken, confused, hurt, and discouraged.  Within the counseling process, Paradigm’s target is far more than the proverbial “paradigm shift” in thinking and behavior, but rather a radical gospel transformation that takes root in the heart of God’s people.


     The counselors at Paradigm stand as advocates with the client as we walk with and support them through difficult and confusing moments. Paradigm staff’s primary purpose and aim is to point the despondent and downhearted beyond their current situation and into the love, care, and sacrificial intercession of Jesus Christ as He meets them in their greatest need.  


     Paradigm’s counselors and resource team have a great awareness of their dependency on the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people we serve. That is, our need for God to come alongside us as He directs and fuels our mission in seeking to serve the City of Providence and its surrounding neighborhoods.  


     Paradigm seeks to attend to the needs of local ministers, believers in Jesus, and those seeking something greater, something beyond them.

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