Biblical Counseling 

Pointing People Toward Hope


Encouraging a pattern of life modeled by Jesus Christ.


      At Paradigm, our mission is to showcase Jesus as Hope through encouragement and promotion of the work of the Spirit in people's lives.  This is accomplished by our commitment to the counselor’s unconditional positive regard toward the client, a listening and understanding posture, patience in the therapeutic process, and ultimately for the client's  sanctification and greater conforming to the image of Jesus Christ.


     Paradigm’s mission is motivated by the power of the Gospel and God’s love and desire to redeem the broken, confused, hurt, and discouraged.  Within the counseling process, Paradigm’s target is far more than the proverbial “paradigm shift” in thinking and behavior, but rather a radical gospel transformation that takes root in the heart of God’s people.

     Paradigm seeks to attend to the needs of local ministers, believers in Jesus, and those seeking something greater, something beyond them.


Pastoral Care

Paradigm exists to offer pastors and church staff a space to work through heart struggles and vocational ministry issues

Member Care

Paradigm recognizes the need for the specialization of care in effectively ministering to a myriad of heart issues and interpersonal dysfunction including: marriage, family, individual, and trauma counseling services

Evangelism & Apologetic Care

Paradigm seeks to serve New England by strategically positioning our center to be a place where the discouraged and doubtful can be compelled with the truth: Jesus is Hope

Resources & Training

Paradigm strives to produce and present Christ-minded curriculum, thoughtful weekend seminars, on-site training, and church-collaborative resources that equip the saints for the work of ministry

Network of Centers

Paradigm endeavors to support the vast church planting effort of New England by establishing a network of Biblical Counseling Centers that align with and support this Gospel movement

OUR Counselors

Derek Laughlin
License MHC00893
Jacob Perkins
MA Counseling
Business Administrator
Carol Miller
License MFT00187
Elizabeth Achilles
Counselor under Supervison

Our Beliefs


Associations &

Endorsing Churches

Boston Center for Biblical Counseling





Appointment and Forms

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